Gothenburg Region
27 maj – 16 juni

A celebration of storytelling and a dip into mankind’s universal richness of myths and folklore.

ARTSCAPE SAGA is Artscape’s most ambitious commitment to date and one of the world’s largest urban art projects ever!

During three intense weeks in the summer of 2019 Artscape orchestrated the largest Scandinavian urban art project to date. International and Swedish artists were invited to paint 34 murals in 12 municipalities around Gothenburg. 23 of them were free interpretations of classic folktales and myths from different parts of the world. The remaining 11 murals were created together with the local communities and everyone was invited to have a say in the artistic process.

ARTSCAPE SAGA allowed folklore from around the world inspire artists from other parts of the world. One folktale and one mural for each artist. ARTSCAPE SAGA is a lighthearted and artistic experiment, effectively fast forwarding the natural evolution of the stories and taking the opportunity to showcase a global common denominator shared by all cultures.

In October 2019 Artscape released a book of fairy tales, collecting photos of all the murals together with the folktales that inspired them. The book is not for sale but can be found in schools, libraries and community centers around Göteborgsregionen. Contact your municipality for more information on where to find it.


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Curated By

Daniel Wakeham
Tor Hedendahl

Project Managers

Jesper Lindberg
Majli af Ekenstam
Gustav Törnqvist

Video Production

Fredrik Åkerberg


Linnéa Wiklund

Literary composition, book of fairy tales

Maria Strömberg

Production Assistants

Li Wångblad
Julia Nygren
Malin Svebo Lindgren

Writer & Editor

Anna Grytzell


Tim Timmey
Captain Kris

Architectural photography

Calle Wärnelöv

Music & Sound Design