Street Art & Augmented Reality

Östergötland 2020


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A unique perspective on one of the most popular art forms of the world

In October 2020 the street art organisation Artscape came to Östergötland. ARTSCAPE FORM was a project that challenged, beautified and united four of Östergötland’s municipalities through art. Linköping, Motala, Mjölby and Åtvidaberg participated in the two-week-long production, with the main purpose of leading urban art into new unexplored territories.

International and Swedish artists were invited to create a total of 16 large-scale murals in the region. The project also had a world-unique angle with Augmented Reality – a technology that adds an exciting digital dimension to the physical art.

As in all Artscape projects, we also wanted to invite the public to participate in the creation of art through our collaborative works of art. It is an ongoing initiative that is made in collaboration with Arvsfonden, where anyone can be involved and make an impression on their surroundings. During the project, we created five collaborative works of art with hundreds of participants from all the participating municipalities.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that enables the augmentation and distortion of physical reality. It’s a technology that adds a digital layer to what we can see with the naked eye.

Via your smartphone or tablet, you can experience the murals come to life in different ways. All you need is to download Artscape’s free application and then direct your mobile phone’s camera at the murals. It works just as well on sight as on your computer screen. Here in the art walk, we will mark the works of art that are AR-compatible so you know when you can pick up your phone.

Follow the links below or search for the Artscape AR app on App Store or Google Play to download it.