14 – 25 August

Art History meets street art in Vänersborg

Next up is ARTSCAPE 2023 VÄNERSBORG! A nine-mural-festival that will blend creative writing with large-scale public art. Mark your calendar: 14-25 August!

Vänersborg is an idyllic city on the southern shores of lake Vänern. A busy summertime destination with a strong cultural heritage and a lively city centre. We’re excited to add murals to Vänersborg’s beautiful complexion and also to nearby Vargön!

The project’s creative theme is playful and experimental: An artful ‘telephone game’ where the creative baton is passed from art history to a local wordsmiths and onto the muralists.

Artscape will pick nine easily recognisable classical pieces of art to start – nine local writers will craft texts inspired by chosen pieces – the texts will provide inspiration for the muralists. Finally resulting in a group of amazing murals in Vänersborg, each with its own chain linking back into the history of art

As always, Artscape will showcase a broad range of styles and artistic expression in the festival line-up.

ARTSCAPE 2023 VÄNERSBORG will be realised with generous help from: Forum Vänersborg, Vänersborgsbostäder, Vänersborgshem, B.A. Johansson Fastighetsförvaltning, Västra Götalandsregionen, Nordsjö Färg, Frida Fastigheter, Italienska Kulturinstitutet, Odd Fellow Orden, Vänersborgs kommun, Fastighetsägarna, Vänersborgs Söners Gille, Odelius Fastigheter, Vänersborgs konsthall and Bergstrand & Sahlsten.

Stay tuned for artist reveals and see you in August!