What we do

Artscape is a dynamic organisation with a proud history of successful projects. We want to keep exploring and developing the art form by producing mural festivals, involving young talents and researching the effect urban art has on its surroundings.

Large Scale Festivals

We have produced and curated some of the world’s largest street art festivals and we have helped artists from all over the world create more than 100 murals to date.

Read more about each project here.

Workshops & Community

Involving the community is a cornerstone in all of Artscape’s projects. We have hosted more than 60 workshops in the last five years.

Lectures, Research & Exploration

We want to share our knowledge of urban art while simultaneously exploring how to take the art form to the next level. During our festivals we host artist talks, lectures and seminars covering different topics linked to public art.

Consulting & Commission

Artscape regularly provides project consultancy for municipalities, construction companies, architect firms, cultural institutions and anyone else connected to art in the public domain.

The Warehouse

Artscape Warehouse is a new branch within the organisation offering limited edition prints of the highest quality by some of the world’s leading urban artists.

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Your Idea!

We are always looking for new exciting projects and ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have something on your mind. Let’s create something fantastic together! ​