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Complete line-up for No Limit: Artscape Edition

This year’s edition of No Limit is a tribute to the Swedish urban art scene – for the first time ever all participating artists are based in Sweden.

The 12 artists represented in this year’s festival showcase a broad range of styles and expressions.

– Artscape’s aim is to present an exciting array of artistic expression in our projects, while at the same time have everything gel as a coherent entity. This year, No Limit takes place in only one area of the city and with only Swedish artists – but within the chosen group the differences and range is massive. Completely different techniques, colour palettes and influences. You will see creations of everything from photorealism, and calligraphy to magical fairy-tale worlds and graffiti-inspired work. Even sculptures and textile art will fit into this year’s project, says Daniel Wakeham, Artscape.

– We require the artists we invite to be on a certain level artistically. We also look to mix experience with new talent – showcasing artists at the height of their powers as well as giving an opportunity to tomorrow’s stars. We are very pleased with the balance in this year’s project and it is a very colourful line-up who will decorate Norrby next month, says Tor Hedendahl, Artscape.

Line-up for No Limit: Artscape Edition

Amara Por Dios
Amara Por Dios is an artist born and raised in Stockholm, who has spent several years living and working in London. Her style is recognizable with her vibrant colors, organic shapes, patterns and faces. In 2014, she was named by The Guardian as one of Britain’s top female street artists.

Adam Algotsson, or Appear37, a graffiti artist from Borås who now gets to paint on a large scale on home turf. Adam found graffiti in his teens and got one of his first paid commission from the same police officer who had once arrested him for painting illegally. He has since created over 100 commissioned murals for both businesses and individuals.

Delicious Brains
Delicious Brains, or Kim Demåne, is a multifaceted artist doing both exhibitions, murals, album and magazine covers and music videos. He has a playful and colourful style with a lot of details and has previously made art work for the worldwide conference TEDGlobal.

Elina Metso
With a background in game development and illustrations, Elina Metso has experience of many different materials and styles, which is reflected in her artwork. She prefers to paint colourful portraits, often of female or androgynous characters.

Etile uses a style called Calligraffiti, which is a mix between calligraphy and graffiti. He is originally from Karlstad and today works as a tattoo artist in Gothenburg.

Huge started painting graffiti in the mid ‘80s and has created murals all over the world, from Stockholm and Paris to Los Angeles and Shenzhen. He’s mainly known for his own unique style known as “Helium Graff” – hyper-realistic balloon letters.

Korallpionen & Rickman
During No Limit: Artscape Edition, artists Korallpionen and Rickman will paint together. In a joint work of art, they combine Rickman’s raw and colorful photorealistic style with Korallpionen’s colorful flowers, plants and animals.

Malin Bobeck Tadaa
Malin Bobeck Tadaa is a textile artist and designer who combines traditional textile materials with optical fiber, LEDs and new technology, creating spatial installations that encourage interaction. She is fascinated by the worlds that are hidden from us – worlds in the deep sea, outer space or inside our imagination – which is reflected in her artwork.

Q – an artist from Lindesberg, whose unique characters often share similar features to those you see in comic books and animated films – colourful and expressive. Q is a versatile artist who can be found in a wide range of mediums such as murals, photography, film and sculpture.

Vickan is a tattoo and street artist. With her imaginative and characteristic style, she has quickly established herself as a name in the Swedish street art scene. Vickan is originally from Boden and is today based in Stockholm.

Tim Timmey
Tim Timmey is a self-taught multi-talent who creates everything from huge wooden installations to murals and sculptures. His work often depicts colorful animal motifs, three-dimensional patterns and crazy creatures with a great dose of humor.